Updating End User Account Credentials
To guide you through the steps necessary to allow end users to update their own account credentials.
  • An authenticated user account
  • An understanding of the Signature generation process
APIs Covered
Step 1
Determine the current Account's ID
The SyncTV service assigns each account an ID number. Keeping track of this number is infeasible at the client level should a user may login from another client. For this reason it is possible to retrieve the ID through the accounts API via the 'current' method. The 'current' method returns the currently authorized account's ID number, email, status, and role.

To retrieve these details we must pass a GET request to the API with our access_id and signature. This API accepts no additional parameters.
Example Response
	"response": {
		"account": {
			"id": 23,
			"email": "testperson@synctv.com",
			"status": 0,
			"roles": [(1)
		"code": 1,
		"messages": [(1)
			"Successfully completed."
The ID number returned in this response is required for step two.
Step 2
Updating the User's Password
To update the user's password we must pass a PUT request to the accounts API with the account's ID, our access_id, the desired password, a password confirmation and our signature. You should already have the access_id, the account ID was retrieved in step one, the desired password should be supplied by the user as well as the password confirmation. The signature we must generate, a full explanation of this process can be found in the Signature Generation Tutorial. The parameter=value pairs are displayed below followed by the full request.
  • access_id=3040
  • account[password]=Knightelwood
  • account[password_confirmation]=Knightelwood
All successful PUT requests against the SyncTV service will result in only an HTTP success response code.

The user will have to be re-authenticated with the new password upon completion of a successful update.