Uploading Content
To provide an overview of the methods available for uploading content to SyncTV servers for use in ingest.
  • An admin account with your SyncTV service.
Methods Covered
  • SFTP
  • Aspera
  • Hard Drive Transfer
Option 1
This is recommended for images and other small (10MB or less) files as it is the slowest of the methods available but also the most convenient. Please reference our ingest tutorials for specifics on how this is accomplished.

Option 2
SFTP is the simplest method of transferring bulk files to our servers. We recommend this for transfers of less than 250GB.


- SFTP Client

- A private SSH key

- SFTP credentials (provided to you in your welcome letter)

Please generate your private key and save it in a file. Open your SFTP client, connect to drop.synctv.com and login with your login credentials and your freshly generated private key.

Upon success you will have access to your private folder on our server. Please upload all content you wish to ingest to this folder. We recommend that you upload raw content without file trees as it eases the flow of ingest.

Option 3
Aspera offers a unique means of transferring content in the hundreds of gigabytes to the terabyte range.


- Aspera Client

- Aspera credentials (provided to you in your welcome letter)

Our Aspera server can be found at aspera.synctv.com. Point your client at our server, authenticate and copy as much content as you would like.

Option 4
Hard Drive Transfer
Hard drive transfers allow us to make multiple terabytes of content available quickly compared to over wire transfers. It is asked that all content shipped to us on hard drives be stored without directory trees as storing with directory trees makes file ingest more complicated.

If you have content in the mutli-terabyte range, please contact us to arrange a hard drive transfer.