This developer center is provided to our customers to enable full access to our
service APIs for device application
development, web site integration,
3rd party service integration, as well as general administration and reporting.
The APIs
At its core, SyncTV is an API driven service. The SyncTV service APIs are grouped into two major categories: Client and Admin APIs. Although there is a large amount of crossover between the two, the categories help developers understand the functionality available to different devices and User roles.
Client APIs
This is a subset of APIs that focuses on client device development and service interaction.
Admin APIs
This is a set of APIs that focuses on admin app development.
These tutorials will walk you through some of the more common use cases in the SyncTV ecosystem, such as authorizing devices and users for content playback, ingesting and managing content, and serving up content to your customers.
We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them. We encourage you to
review these before you get started to avoid any confusions during your development process.

Go to the FAQ.
If you are having trouble working with the SyncTV ecosystem, we encourage you to look at the FAQ. For further
questions, we've put together a support page to help you get in touch with the SyncTV support team.

Go to the Support Page.